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Paper Dialogs with Polymer.dart

Chris Strom, on 21 Aug 2014
I have quite enjoyed playing with Material Design concepts of late. Interestingly, the solutions that I wound up with, both in Dart and JavaScript, rely on Core Elements instead of the material design based Paper Elements.Rather than try to cram Paper into my very pretty Core/Material design in <x-pizza>, I start a completely new project. In this case, I am going to try to use the Paper elements directly in a Dart application rather than pulling them into another Polymer.dart element.I start this “paper” application with a pubspec.yaml of:name: paperdependencies: polymer: any paper_elements: anytransformers:- polymerI had originally thought to skip... read more

Core-Icon in Polymer.dart

Chris Strom, on 19 Aug 2014
With little difficulty, I was able to convert vanilla HTML in my <x-pizza> Polymer.dart element to Core Elements / Material Design:The conversion was made easy thanks to earlier work on a JavaScript version of <x-pizza> and the similarities between Polymer.dart and Polymer. More specifically, the Dart version of Core Elements uses the JavaScript Core Elements making things even easier the more I stick with core elements.Except for <core-icon>. For some reason, my custom SVG images for pizza toppings are all showing up quite small:In the JavaScript version, from which the Dart custom HTML and CSS was copied directly, the SVG... read more

Core Elements in Polymer.Dart (Including Animation)

Chris Strom, on 18 Aug 2014
When last I tried to use Core Element in Polymer.dart, it did not go well. I know the team has made incredible progress in the interim, so tonight seems an opportune time to find out how much better things are.The Core and Paper element work that I have been building in the JavaScript <x-pizza> element should be a solid test. I start, as I do with all Dart projects, with a pubspec.yaml including Paper and Core dependencies:name: paperdependencies: polymer: any core_elements: any paper_elements: anydev_dependencies: scheduled_test: anytransformers:- polymer: entry_points: - web/index.html - test/index.htmlA quick pub install and I should be good... read more

Simple SVG Images Sometimes are Simpler

Chris Strom, on 11 Aug 2014
I can't remember to remember what I forgot to forget. Or something like that.A while back, I settled on an asset-based solution for SVG images that relied on AJAX requests to load said assets. This allowed me to work with individual SVG images for the base pizza and toppings like pepperoni, green peppers and sausage. After quite a bit of difficulty working with it, I wound up loading these assets via core-ajax. This was a little awkward, but it did solve some issues I was facing and the solution was bolstered by the fact that it worked in both the... read more

What's the Difference Between Attribute and Property?

Chris Strom, on 07 Aug 2014
I'll be the first to admit that I am far too obsessed with the new annotations in Polymer.dart. No matter what they do, they are not that important to the overall function of Polymer elements—they just make certain things nicer. And yet, I have been investigating (mostly poorly) these things for a week now.And it continues tonight.I have been so deep in trying to understand how these annotations work, that I have not really given much consideration to best practices. That is the whole point of this Patterns in Polymer research, so I will take at least a night to... read more