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Back to Dart

Matthew Butler, on 25 Jul 2015
Just a quick update from mobile at the moment. I’m finally getting time to get back into Dart. A lot has changed since my last post. After my last post about the Hackathon, I started a new job, moved to a Windows system full time for the first time in a decade, and a variety of other major personal life changes. It’s taken some major adjustments in my life, but I’m finally getting a wrangle on things and should have more time for development. I have a large number of projects to first bring up to current releases of the... read more

Dart on Pi - Update

Dan Rubel, on 15 Jul 2015
Two separate items this week:I built Dart SDK 1.11.1 stable for the Raspberry Pi, and you can download it hereversion 1.11 : In addition, I've been testing the rpi_gpio package interrupt support as part of my personal projects and it seems stable enough that I've published version 0.2. read more

Null-aware operators in Dart

Seth Ladd, on 08 Jul 2015
Three new language features just landed in the latest dev channel build of the Dart VM! Collectively known as null-aware operators, these new features will help you reduce the code required to work with potentially null objects. I'm excited for these new abilities, because typing less is always a good thing. ?? Use ?? when you want to evaluate and return an expression IFF another expression resolves to null. exp ?? otherExp is similar to ((x) => x == null ? otherExp : x)(exp) ??= Use ??= when you want to assign a value to an object IFF that object... read more

Dart SDK 1.11.0 Chocolatey Packages for Windows

Davy Mitchell, on 25 Jun 2015
Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows similar to Linux's apt-get, based on Microsoft's Nuget tool and Powershell scripting language. It works from the command-line and from a WPF GUI interface. Chocolatey still has a large moderation backlog - however you can install unmoderated versions by specifiying it at the install. Command line installation: choco uninstall dart-sdkchoco install -y dart-sdk -version 1.11.0 To verify you have the right version on your path. dart --versionDart VM version: 1.11.0 (Wed Jun 24 06:44:48 2015) on "windows_x64" read more

Dart POW - ( Package Of The Week) #9 : dart_feed

Davy Mitchell, on 24 Jun 2015
Who is ready for another - Dart POW? A weekly look at an interesting Package on dart_feed is a simple RSS 2.0 feed reader library. It is pretty easy to use - here's my simplified version of one of the examples. library DartFeed.example;import 'dart:io';import 'package:dart_feed/dart_feed.dart';List webFeeds = [ ""];main() { FeedParser parser = new FeedParser();; for (var feed in webFeeds) { parser.fromUri(Uri.parse(feed)); }}void printFeed(Feed feed) { print(feed.title); for (var item in feed.items) { stdout.write("\t ${item.title}"); if (item.title == "") print(item.description); else print(""); }} Feel free to leave a comment with suggestions for the next Dart POW post! Don't... read more