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Docker images for Dart now available

Anders Thorhauge Sandholm, on 16 Sep 2014
Developers increasingly want to use the same language and business logic on the client and the server to reduce risk and complexity. To help developers easily build and deploy end-to-end Dart apps, we are happy to announce ready-to-use Docker images for Dart. This expands our Docker usage further beyond the recently announced Docker support in Google App Engine. There are now three Dart-related images on for you to use: dart, dart-runtime and dart-hello, which uses the same naming scheme as the corresponding Node, Python and Go images already offered.The image google/dart adds the Dart SDK to google/debian Debian wheezy... read more

Dart Content Shell on Debian

Chris Strom, on 13 Sep 2014
I am a fan of Debian for public server installs. It includes no “junk” services that might expose the server to additional attack vectors, leaving just the services that I really want available. I rarely even bother with firewalls or iptables—the only active ports are those that would be available directly through a firewall anyway. That said, Debian is not without its challenges.I had hoped to get the Dart test build for Patterns in Polymer running without any difficulties, but alas. Part of this is a problem of my own creation. I am installing on a 32 bit version of... read more

Auto-Update of Dart on Linux

Chris Strom, on 12 Sep 2014
Updating Dart packages as part of an automated test suite is easy (pub upgrade). But what about updating Dart itself?As a coder, my instinct is a curl script to check the page for the latest release, then a Bash script to compare that value with the current install, then download, unzip and install. I am almost tempted to head down that rabbit hole—like all rabbit holes, it sounds fun from the outside. But, <deep breath>, maybe there is a better way.The DartEditor has an auto-update feature, but if that is easily accessed from the command-line or code, I cannot... read more

One Yak Too Many?

Chris Strom, on 09 Sep 2014
Yesterday I was able to get a Jenkins server up and running on a Linode, properly secured, and checking out Dart and JavaScript code for testing. Although the test script ran, I do not yet have a successful test—mostly due to lack of additional dependencies.I am still building this on a Debian 6 LTS Linode host. I continue working through the error messages as they occur on the server. First up: scripts/ line 14: xvfb-run: command not foundThat is easy enough:$ sudo apt-get install xvfbI was happy to discover xvfb-run the other day as it makes testing life easier. Since... read more

Jenkins for Testing Dart and JavaScript Polymer

Chris Strom, on 08 Sep 2014
It is entirely possible that I am too cheap. It is also possible that there is nothing out there that does exactly what I need it to do. So tonight, I set out to see how easy it is to roll my own.What I need is a continuous integration server for my books. I need a solution for all of my books, but if I can find something for Patterns in Polymer which is written in both Dart and JavaScript, then I will likely have everything that I need.Some of the key features that I need:Needs to update Dart when... read more