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Enums and Async primitives in Dart

Anders Thorhauge Sandholm, on 15 Dec 2014
Support for enums, async, and deferred loading are now officially part of the 2nd revision of the Ecma-408 standard, the Dart Programming Language Specification. The second revision was approved last week at the Ecma General Assembly.You can find more information about using the new features in our language tour on (enum) Asynchrony (async, await, and more)Deferred loading (import ... deferred as)EnumsEnums help developers express clear intent with minimal code, and help tools catch potential bugs. Here is an example of an enumeration of form states:    enum FormState { OPEN, INPROGRESS, CLOSED }Tools can even warn developers if they omit an enum... read more

Book Review - 'Mastering Dart'

Davy Mitchell, on 11 Dec 2014
There's a steadily growing number of Dart books. Is 'Mastering Dart?' by Sergey Akopkokhyants worthy of a place on your bookshelf? Find out in this review! The book consists of twelve chapters over three hundred and thirty pages, covering a broad range of topics in detail. Topics covered include Async, Reflection, Isolates and Javascript Interoperation. This title goes well beyond the introductory level, even discussing the inner workings of the Dart VM. It doesn't attempt to cover everything comprehensively - some of these topics (for example HTML5) could easily be entire books in themselves - so have your expectations set... read more

Continuous Integration Testing Polymer (Dart) Elements

Chris Strom, on 09 Dec 2014
Tonight, I place a Polymer.dart project under continuous integration. I have done similar work with some of the tests in the Patterns in Polymer book, but that is running on a custom install Jenkins server. This time, I am going to install on a standard CI service— night I got a command-line build script ready for the AFormInput class/mixin. I hope that getting that test running on the service will be similar to "regular" Dart projects, but there is only one way to be sure. The only difference between these tests and regular Dart CI that I can foresee causing... read more

Testing Polymer (Dart) Mixins

Chris Strom, on 08 Dec 2014
I need to improve my continuous integration solutions for Patterns in Polymer. I do not know that I necessarily need to include a chapter on it in the book, but I ought to at least be able to point to some solutions in my research notes. Especially since I have been asked about it multiple times this week alone.With that in mind, I first need to test my AFormInputMixin class from last night, which serves as mixin or baseclass for other Polymer.dart elements so that they can behave like native HTML form input elements. This turns out to be a... read more

Munching Squares

Davy Mitchell, on 08 Dec 2014
Munching Squares is a graphical that goes back to the PDP-1The code (available on GitHub) is very simple and easy to experiment with: for (int x = 0; x for (int y = 0; y ch = (x ^ y) % 256; c2d..fillStyle = "rgb(0, 0, $ch)" ..fillRect(x, y, w, w) ..fillStyle = "rgb($ch, 0, 0)" ..fillRect(256 + x, y, w, w) ..fillStyle = "rgb(0, $ch, 0)" ..fillRect(x, 256 + y, w, w) ..fillStyle = "rgb($ch, $ch, 0)" ..fillRect(256 + x, 256 + y, w, w); } }Changing the x^y to have constants or a different operator yields different results.... read more