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Moar Better Rainbows! - mcpi_dart 0.0.4 Minecraft and Dart

Davy Mitchell, on 25 Nov 2015
I recently purchased a Raspberry Pi 2 with the snazzy 'official' case, so it was time to dust off my old Dart Minecraft library for an update. TLDR : Moar Better Rainbows! Screenshot from the PC version of Minecraft. The setBlock method now takes an extra parameter for data which allows the use of color on blocks such as wool. This means the rainbow can now be drawn in better colours. Yay! The getPos method now returns a list of int's so the rainbow is built close to the player's position in the game. You may need to spin around... read more

Reflectable Subtypes and the Flyweights that Love Them

Chris Strom, on 24 Nov 2015
Tonight, I continue my exploration of the Reflectable package as applied to the Flyweight Pattern.I am quite happy with the current state of the Reflectable-based code. I have defined a flavor constant that inherits from Reflectable so that it can annotate my code:class Flavor extends Reflectable { const Flavor() : super(newInstanceCapability);}const flavor = const Flavor();I then use this constant to mark the individual concrete flyweight objects—in the case of this example, coffee flavors for my coffee shop:@flavorclass Cappuccino implements CoffeeFlavor { String get name => 'Cappuccino'; double get profitPerOunce => 0.35;}@flavorclass Espresso implements CoffeeFlavor { String get name => 'Espresso';... read more

Redstone.dart release 0.6.1

Joel Trottier-Hebert (Pacane), on 23 Nov 2015
Hey everyone! I'm very glad to announce that we've just released the version 0.6.1, which includes a re-write that Luis started a while ago. It's been a long time since we've released something, but this has been through voting, and went through! Breaking Change Note that this version requires a minimum Dart SDK version of 1.13.0. This is due to the new Boring SSL update in the SDK. Please note that more breaking changes were introduced since v0.5, these are listed in the CHANGELOG. Documentation pages have been updated accordingly. Many users have confirmed using the version 0.6.0-beta in production... read more

Building Reflectable Dart Code with a Dependency Assist

Chris Strom, on 23 Nov 2015
OK, let's try that again.Yesterday I was unable to build my Reflectable-based Dart code—either into fully assembled Dart or into JavaScript. Thanks to a hint from Sigurd Meldgaard in the comments, I am ready.I am still exploring approaches to the Flyweight Pattern for Design Patterns in Dart. I have already more or less settled on a simple reflection approach, but am exploring code annotations for marking concrete flyweight classes, which is where Reflectable enters the story. And almost exited yesterday—until Sigurd told me that Reflectable currently requires an overridden dependency on the analyzer package.So I add the appropriate dependency_overrides entry... read more

Can't Transform My Reflectable Flyweight

Chris Strom, on 22 Nov 2015
Up tonight, I try compiling my Reflectable Dart code into JavaScript. Even if the compiled JavaScript is twice the size of the dart:mirrors equivalent, I would likely stick with Reflectable. The Dart code is just that pretty.For books like Design Patterns in Dart, I tend to favor built-in libraries to external libraries—even external libraries that are maintained on the core project like Reflectable. I will make an exception for an external package that makes my job of explaining central concepts easier. Reflectable fits that criteria since it converted something like a dozen lines of library and declaration processing into flavor.annotatedClasses... read more