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Dart Alive! - Part 1 : Top 10 Live Dart Websites

Davy Mitchell, on 23 Feb 2015
The most popular post on this blog by far is the 'Top 5 Live Websites Already Using The Dart Language' written all the way from 2013. This is an eternity in the world of computing, therefore it is about time for an update! If you are arriving at this blog post a long time after it was published, check out this constantly updated list on the Dart Lang site. The 10 chosen are a mix of a direct use of Dart or a company that uses in their products. Without further ado, let's dive in to the list - (no... read more

Procedural Generation : Part Six : Release The Ninjas!

Davy Mitchell, on 19 Feb 2015
Last time we dealt with browser issues, this time we will put some characters into the dungeon map and let them run around. The Ninjas will be similar to the player character. From a procedural generation point of view, we have to be careful where we initially place them. We don't want them stuck in a wall or sharing a space with another character! We also need something to tell the Ninja to move. Placing the Ninja takes place after we have built the map. Each block has a member variable to track if something/someone is standing on that spot.... read more

Testing Dart projects with latest release and code coverage

Kevin Moore, on 17 Feb 2015
Test your package stable and dev If you’re using Travis CI, it’s as easy as adding a dart: entry to your .travis.yml file. You can specify dev, stable or both to make sure your code works great on current and future build of the Dart SDK. language: dartdart: - dev - stable See the dartdoc project for an example. Here’s a build report for dartdoc on Travis CI. Getting code coverage with Setup an account on using your GitHub account.Pick the GitHub repo for your projectGet the Coveralls “repo token” for the project.Populate it in Travis CI Settings... read more

Procedural Generation - Part Five : Surprise (Browser-Compatibility) Monster Attack!

Davy Mitchell, on 06 Feb 2015
Surprise Attack! If you visited the previous dungeon examples in a non-Chrome browser, you may have noticed two issues. One was that the graphics looked all blurred and the other being that the sound didn't play. Let's roll a couple of D6's and see if we have the agility to overcome it! Firstly, why is it blurry? This is due to browsers smoothing scaled images on the canvas by default. For pixel based art (blocky), we do not want this to happen so we have to use the property imageSmoothingEnabled of the drawing context object that we get from the... read more

An interview with the author of Mastering Dart

Seth Ladd, on 03 Feb 2015
Dart is more than just a language. The Dart SDK contains a robust core library (with async classes, collections, reflection and more), HTML bindings, JavaScript interop, a server-side VM, and more. Dart is easy to learn, but when you're ready to "level up", it helps to have an expert guide you through its many features and capabilities. We sat down with author Sergey Akopkokhyants, author of Mastering Dart, to learn more about his book for advanced Dart topics and techniques.Q) On behalf of the Dart team, thanks for writing Mastering Dart! So, how did you discover Dart?Sergey: The first time I... read more