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Using the google-map Polymer in Polymer.dart Elements

Chris Strom, on 27 Mar 2015
Thanks to the magic of custom_element_apigen, I was able to use the JavaScript <google-map> Polymer element in a Dart application last night. In the end it was, dare I say it, easy. Tonight, I would like to dynamically use <google-map> from a custom built Polymer.dart element, let's call it <x-map>. I start by altering my sample page to import this definition instead of directly pulling in the custom_element_apigen version of <google-map>:<html lang="en"> <head> <script type="application/dart"> import 'package:my_maps/elements/x_map.dart'; export 'package:polymer/init.dart'; </script> </head> <body unresolved> <div class="container"> <h1>A Simple Map...</h1> <x-map latitude="39.283" longitude="-76.616"></x-map> </div> </body></html>Instead of the usual, boring map of San... read more

Dart 1.9: The release you’ve been await-ing for

Kevin Moore, on 26 Mar 2015
Asynchronous programming is everywhere – user interaction, network access, file I/O. Dart simplifies and enhances these scenarios with the 1.9 release. Today’s release introduces async methods and await expressions built on top of our existing Future API. You can now use familiar control flow features – for/while loops, if blocks, and try/catch – to manage complex asynchronous interactions. These new features are explained thoroughly the Dart Language Asynchrony Support: Phase 1 article. Before Dart’s Future API makes it easier to compose asynchronous operations, but handling conditional cases and errors can still be difficult. After async and await make implementing the... read more

Custom Element API Generation for Polymer.dart

Chris Strom, on 26 Mar 2015
You could say that I've forgotten more about Polymer than most programmers will ever know. I would probably agree, but that's just because I have a crap memory. I was able to get the <google-map> JavaScript Polymer element to work in a Polymer.dart context yesterday, but only by hand-editing the JavaScript source files that I had installed via Bower—not at all cool. Happily, James Hurford reminded me that I should be using custom_element_apigen to wrap JavaScript Polymer elements in Dart. I have looked at it in the past, but in my defense, it caused me grief. So maybe it was... read more

Ugly Google Maps API from Polymer.dart

Chris Strom, on 25 Mar 2015
Up tonight, I would like to mess about with the Google Maps API a little.While I await the final copy edits on Patterns in Polymer, I need to keep my mind engaged with Polymer. I will have to run through changes at least one more time and would like this stuff as fresh as possible. In other words, this seems an opportune time to work through topics about which folks inquired but did not seem an obvious fit in the book. I will code in the language in which the question was originally asked.So, to explore the Google Maps API,... read more

Dart POW - ( Package Of The Week) #3 : dnd Drag and Drop

Davy Mitchell, on 25 Mar 2015
Who is ready for another - Dart POW? A weekly look at an interesting Package on dnd is a package for creating Drag and Drop for Dart web apps with mouse and touch support. Make sure you check out cool live demos! Feel free to leave a comment with suggestions for the next Dart POW post! Don't be too shy to suggest your own package :-) read more