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AngularDart is going all Dart

Filip Hráček, on 20 Jul 2016
Until now, the multiple language flavors of Angular 2 were written as TypeScript source, and then automatically compiled to both JavaScript and Dart. We're happy to announce that we’re splitting the Angular 2 codebase into two flavors – a Dart version and a TypeScript/JavaScript version – and creating a dedicated AngularDart team. This is amazing news for Dart developers because:The framework will feel more like idiomatic Dart.It will make use of Dart features that couldn't work with the TypeScript flavor. It will be faster.This is equally great news for our TypeScript and JavaScript developers, by the way. Cleaner API, performance gains,... read more

Changes at

Filip Hráček, on 13 Jul 2016
Today we simplified, making it reflect the current state of the project a little bit better.We have for the fundamental Dart technologies—the language itself and the core libraries. And then we have separate websites for the different for web appsFlutter for iOS & Android native appsDartino for IoTDart VM for command-line apps and serversSome other changes we made:Feature the pages that people visit most often.Show the core goals of the project on the homepage.Completely rework the information architecture, from domains down to individual pages and sections.Set up for hosting event-related micro-sites.Reimplement the sites to make maintenance... read more

Unboxing Packages: path

Kevin Moore, on 15 Jun 2016
I want to do something a little different with my blog post this week. When I’ve written about packages in the past, I’ve mostly done a high-level overview of their APIs and how they fit into the Dart ecosystem as a whole. But path is one of the very oldest packages in the ecosystem, and any Dart user who’s written any server-side or command-line apps is probably already familiar with the API. So instead of a high-level overview, I want to do a deep dive. I want to talk about why we made the design decisions we made when writing... read more

Dartino - Getting Started

Dan Rubel, on 13 Jun 2016
How small a device can run Dart? Raspberry Pi may be physically small and the Raspberry Pi Zero even smaller, but the Pi is a full microprocessor and runs a full Linux or Windows stack. What about microcontrollers? Running on the bare metal with limited resources?Enter Dartino. I've been playing around with the little brother of Dart named Dartino. It's targeted at microcontrollers with limited resources. Small devices with a single purpose. Thermostat. Hydroponics monitor. Weather station. While it's really great having all the capabilities of a full OS stack on the RPI, there's something really cool about plugging in... read more

Dart SDK and Dartium 1.17.1 Chocolatey Packages for Windows

Davy Mitchell, on 11 Jun 2016
Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows similar to Linux's apt-get, based on Microsoft's Nuget tool and Powershell scripting language. It works from the command-line and from a WPF GUI interface. Good news - Chocolatey has cleared the moderation backlog! Dart versions are far more up to date. You can install unmoderated versions by specifiying the install version during installation. Chocolatey has also been updated with versions 1.17.1 Command line installation: choco uninstall dart-sdkchoco install -y dart-sdk -version 1.17.1 To verify you have the right version on your path. dart --versionDart VM version: 1.17.1 (Fri Jun 10 04:58:25 2016) on... read more