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AngularDart 4

Kevin Moore, on 05 Sep 2017
AngularDart v4 is now available. We've been busy since the release angular2 v3.1.0 in May. Not only did we "drop the 2", but we also improved the compiler and tightened up the framework to give you smaller code, we updated the package structure to improve usability, and we added several new features. Check out the updated documentation to get started. Just angularUpgrading to v4 will require more than updating your version constraint. The package has changed names (back) to angular – dropping the 2. You'll need to update your pubspec.yaml and the corresponding imports in your code. In most instances, find-and-replace... read more

Happy Birthday NP8080!

Davy Mitchell, on 01 Sep 2017
NP8080 turns 1 year old! Yes it was just over a year ago that I decided to combine a TextArea + Local Storage to make a little app. It's grown a lot and been a good project to try out new features and packages. I've found it a useful daily tool too from simple notes, examining stacktraces and composing web posts etc. With Dart 2.0 coming, Angular Dart 5 and web browsers advancing, it looks like there'll be another year of text editor coding ahead. read more

Flutter IntelliJ plugin v17.0: Hot reload on save and improved project wizard

Wm Leler, on 31 Aug 2017
Hot reload on saveBy request, we now support doing a hot reload on file save. On an explicit save (cmd-s / ctrl-s or File > Save All), if there’s an app currently running we will try to reload changes into that app. This integrates well with how IntelliJ’s save action works — the default behavior of the action maps to a save-all command.If there are analysis errors on save, instead of reloading we will highlight errors in the analysis view.This behavior is off by default and can be turned on in Settings > Languages & Frameworks > Flutter. Feedback on... read more

Getting your apps ready for Dart 2.0

Shams Zakhour, on 01 Aug 2017
One of the most important features for Dart 2.0, strong mode, has been available for several releases. Migrate to strong mode now to take advantage of the new sound type system that finds errors at compile time (rather than letting your users discover them). You may even find bugs that have been lurking in your code. If you are using Flutter, it already uses strong mode, so you have met this requirement. Strong mode is the primary breaking change for 2.0, but there are likely to be other updates. For more information, see Dart 2.0 Updates. read more

Flutter IntelliJ plugin v16.0: Testing and app launching!

Wm Leler, on 31 Jul 2017
New testing supportWe’ve added the ability to run individual Flutter tests via actions in the editor’s gutter:And now support running Flutter’s widget tests; see structureWe re-worked how we define Flutter project and module types in IntelliJ. This addresses a few outstanding issues and will let us more easily go into more IntelliJ based products in the future. The next time you open an existing project with the new version of the plugin, you’ll see a one-time ‘module type updated’ message:Launching improvementsThis release sports several improvements to app launching:Launch your app in profile and release modes (available via the ‘Run’... read more