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Getting your apps ready for Dart 2.0

Shams Zakhour, on 01 Aug 2017
One of the most important features for Dart 2.0, strong mode, has been available for several releases. Migrate to strong mode now to take advantage of the new sound type system that finds errors at compile time (rather than letting your users discover them). You may even find bugs that have been lurking in your code. If you are using Flutter, it already uses strong mode, so you have met this requirement. Strong mode is the primary breaking change for 2.0, but there are likely to be other updates. For more information, see Dart 2.0 Updates. read more

Flutter IntelliJ plugin v16.0: Testing and app launching!

Wm Leler, on 31 Jul 2017
New testing supportWe’ve added the ability to run individual Flutter tests via actions in the editor’s gutter:And now support running Flutter’s widget tests; see structureWe re-worked how we define Flutter project and module types in IntelliJ. This addresses a few outstanding issues and will let us more easily go into more IntelliJ based products in the future. The next time you open an existing project with the new version of the plugin, you’ll see a one-time ‘module type updated’ message:Launching improvementsThis release sports several improvements to app launching:Launch your app in profile and release modes (available via the ‘Run’... read more

Diving Into Angular 4 Dart Alpha 1

Davy Mitchell, on 22 Jul 2017
Angular Dart 4 Alpha was recently released and I was keen to try it out. There's quite a few changes as it becomes increasingly more Dart-ified and broken away from its Typescript heritage. My hobby project NP8080, as ever, is my guinea pig for such upgrades. It was almost entirely painless - we can forgive the one time rename of the package from Angular2 to plain Angular! Building is slightly slower/heavier (there's a lot going on) but this is being worked on. The standout feature for me is the component inheritance of attributes such as @input. There's a lot of... read more

Announcing DartConf

Filip Hráček, on 18 Jul 2017
We’re aflutter to announce the official Dart conference in Los Angeles on January 23-24, 2018. The event will be even bigger and better than last year, with exciting talks about Dart 2.0, Flutter, Dart Dev Compiler, AngularDart, and much more.We’re moving the annual conference from October to January for two reasons:We want our speakers to be available for the other conferences that are happening in the Fall. Each year, September to November is full of events where the team can reach developers unaware of the awesomeness of all things Dart.Likewise, we don’t want you to have to choose between DartConf and other great... read more

Flutter IntelliJ plugin version 15.0: Improved project creation and support for flutter test

Filip Hráček, on 29 Jun 2017
Flutter test support!We now support running and debugging ‘flutter test’ tests! Right click on your Flutter tests in the test/ directory, and choose the ‘Run’ or ‘Debug’ option:The results are displayed in the standard IntelliJ test runner. The support for this just recently landed in Flutter’s alpha channel, so you don’t see support for it in IntelliJ, you may want to run ‘flutter upgrade’. Happy testing!Improved project creationWhen creating a new Flutter project, you now have the option of installing the Flutter SDK from the new project wizard. This will help new users get started – they can create their first... read more