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Dart Language and Library Newsletters

Kathy, on 14 Nov 2017
Unless you're a member of the Dart misc group, you may be missing Florian Loitsch's weekly newsletters, which started in July. They live in the SDK repo (docs/newsletter), but Florian also posts them in the misc group. These newsletters cover the Dart language and some of the core libraries. Read them to learn about existing features ("Did you know"), planned changes, and how the Dart team considers and implements changes. For example: The July 28 newsletter (the first) starts with some 1.24 language changes that you might have missed: function types and changes to void. It also talks about the... read more

Flutter IntelliJ plugin v19: Fit and Finish

Wm Leler, on 13 Nov 2017
IntelliJ EAP supportThis month’s release now supports the public preview release of Intellij 2017.3. With this release, you’ll get a new version of the Dart plugin. That release includes features to help you better navigate and understand large build() methods, including things like showing synthetic text ‘closing labels’ at the end of nested constructors. Android Studio support improvementsWe’ve continued to work on our Android Studio integration (first available in the last month’s release). The fixes and improvements here include: fixes to the language selector in the project wizard fixes to the label on the project location directory picker showing when... read more

You are invited to DartConf Los Angeles!

Shams Zakhour, on 06 Nov 2017
Tickets (for free) are available for DartConf Los Angeles on January 23 & 24th! In addition to hearing about Dart 2.0, you might also enjoy: Access to Dart, Flutter, and AngularDart engineers via office hours and unconference rooms.In-depth talks about Dart, Flutter, and AngularDart, including how the latter two overlap.Practical guides for Dart, Flutter, and AngularDart developers.Insight into what the teams are working on and how it will affect your projects. You might also enjoy the average high temperatures in Los Angeles for January (68°F / 20°C). Learn more and sign up at We hope to see you there!... read more

Flutter IntelliJ plugin v18: Android Studio support

Wm Leler, on 09 Oct 2017
Android Studio supportYou can now install the Flutter plugin into Android Studio, and create, edit, and run your Flutter apps there. The plugin requires at least Android Studio 3.0 (currently at Android Studio 3.0 Preview beta 7). As this is the first Flutter plugin release to support Android Studio it should be considered beta; your feedback will help us improve the integration.Improved support for developing and consuming Flutter pluginsFor this release we worked on improving the support for developing and consuming Flutter plugins. In addition to minor fixes and workflow improvements, we show referenced Flutter plugins in the ‘External Libraries’... read more

Dart 2.0 pre-releases: What they mean to you

Kathy, on 25 Sep 2017
If you publish Dart packages or like to use early releases of the Dart SDK, the next few months are going to be interesting, as apps and packages adapt to the changes required by Dart 2.0. To make the process smoother, the pub tool that’s in Dart 2.0 pre-releases allows developers to download (and attempt to use) packages that don’t explicitly support Dart 2.0. The upshot: Use a stable Dart SDK if you need reliability. Use a pre-release Dart 2.0 SDK if you’d like to test published packages with Dart 2.0. Report any issues you find to the package maintainer.... read more