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Building A Notepad with Dart Angular 2 : Part Six

Davy Mitchell, on 24 Oct 2016
Another step in my personal 'Learn Angular 2' project... Here's some details of what made it into v0.06. I'd recommend looking at the entire project alongside this post. Let's quickly add another function to the Text processing service: String getRepeatedString(String textToRepeat, num count) { count ??= 1; return textToRepeat * count.toInt(); } We use a null aware operator to set count to a default value and then use the string multiplication operator to do the required repeating. The generate dialog is pretty much the same as the About dialog. It would be useful to have a base dialog class -... read more

Good-bye symlinks

Anders Thorhauge Sandholm, on 17 Oct 2016
Dart 1.20 is now available. Get it now!Back in the Dart 1.19 release we introduced support for the .package file; our replacement for the /packages/ directory often filled with hundreds of symlinks. In 1.19 this support was opt-in via passing an option to pub get. Now that it has had time to mature, and based on favorable feedback, we have gone ahead and made it the default. If for some reason this causes issues, you can still get symlinks by using the pub get --packages-dir command; in such cases make sure to file an issue.One common question we have received... read more

Dart SDK and Dartium 1.20.1 Chocolatey Packages for Windows

Davy Mitchell, on 17 Oct 2016
Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows similar to Linux's apt-get, based on Microsoft's Nuget tool and Powershell scripting language. It works from the command-line and from a WPF GUI interface. You can install unmoderated versions by specifiying the install version during installation.Chocolatey has also been updated with versions 1.20.1Command line installation: choco uninstall dart-sdkchoco install -y dart-sdk -version 1.20.1To verify you have the right version on your path. dart --versionDart VM version: 1.20.1 (Wed Oct 12 15:07:45 2016) on "windows_x64"Command line installation: choco uninstall dartiumchoco install -y dartium -version 1.20.1 read more

The new Google AdSense user interface: built with AngularDart

Filip Hráček, on 13 Oct 2016
AdSense is a free, simple way to earn money by placing ads on your website. The team just launched a completely new version of their app for publishers. Read all about it here. We asked Daniel White, the tech lead for the project, some questions because the new UI happens to be built with Dart and Angular2.AdSense launched way back in 2003. How long is it since the last big redesign?Last big redesign was called ‘AdSense 3’ and launched about 6 years ago. It was written in Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and the UI has evolved through several iterations -... read more

What’s your favorite Dart feature?

Anders Thorhauge Sandholm, on 11 Oct 2016
Earlier this year we had an ongoing thread where Googlers shared their favorite Dart feature—perhaps a less known one. We wanted to share these insights from some of our most engaged internal users more broadly. Hence this post.The names have been changed to protect the innocent, but the contents should constitute some fine reading.Here we go:What's your favorite "less known" (or undocumented) feature of Dart?Any particular syntax trick or library function?Java has loads of these, tricks ranging from the double-paren. init (Map<String,String> ;) to "sneaky throwing" ANY exception.Anything similar in Dart?Cheers,Agile AnalyzerAs a Java developer, my opinion of both of... read more